iXOOST SPEAKERS (Made in Modena, Italy)

For more information please visit:  www.ixoost.it

Sometimes you come across an idea that’s so simple that nobody’s ever thought of it.
That’s what iXOOST is like: making an exhaust pipe ring out loud and clear, turning it into a design object that binds Italian passion and craftsmanship.

The only dock station in the world that pays tribute to the craftsmanship of Modena and its race cars. iXOOST draws inspiration from the legendary world of racing, amplifying the real heart of the engine—the exhaust pipe.

Original in concept, iXoost is a reinterpretation of the tailpipes. Great care for detail and the choice of materials creates a genuinely personal experience. Sound, design, and technical precision are the characteristics that allow iXoost to achieve the highest level audio quality.

Download the iXOOST Catalogue

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